Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Trafalgar class Breakfast Cruiser Battle Sandwich

The Trafalgar Breakfast Cruiser Battle Sandwich is a mid-sized war sandwich intended to bring overwhelming savory support to theaters of breakfast conflict.  This heavily armored sandwich boasts a reinforced french toast armored hull, and a secondary hull of melted cheddar cheese.  The Trafalgar Sandwich is also heavily armed.  Its primary armament is 3-5 crispy, peppered bacon strip heavy batteries.  Its secondary armament consists of several slices of rapid fire, anti-bland, fresh jalapeño canons.  The Trafalgar Battle Sandwich is powered by three thick, sliced, Roma tomato turbines allowing it to reach fresh produce speeds despite its heavy cheesy, bacon weapons and french toast armor.

Here are some photographs of the Trafalgar Breakfast Cruiser Battle Sandwich on its shake down cruise. 

Here you can see the freshly sliced, Roma tomato power plants, the primary crispy bacon batteries, and the secondary jalapeño spice guns.  Also, there is a plain view of the cheddar cheese secondary hull to which the primary, and secondary flavor armaments are attached.

This is a photo of just the primary armored hull.  Notice the thick french toast armor consisting of sourdough bread infused with a milk, and egg alloy in a skillet on medium heat.

The Trafalgar class Breakfast Cruiser Battle Sandwich is a devastating weapon that bombards opposing taste buds with a barrage of bacon and fresh jalapeño salvos, complimented by hearty french toast and cheddar armor plating, and bound together with fresh Roma tomato propulsion.  The Trafalgar Sandwich is capable of launching heavy assaults on breakfast hunger, and overcoming the most fortified palettes.



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